Aimee: ChattingMature

I lay in the sun, occassionally peering through my sun glasses at Harry, who was making his way through his food. I guess he hadn't changed as much as I'd imagined, although I was pretty sure that the fame was going to his head a little. He was still the same joking, smiling, numpty he'd always been, just more muscly and well known.

I glanced back at my magazine and pretended to read. Truth is I already knew what was in the mag, since I'd been one of the people to review it before we sent it off to the printers. This was Cosmopolitan.

I peeked once again through my sun glasses and found Harry looking at me.

"So, I know we've only just met and all," he winked "But I wondered whether you'd like to have dinner with me and my friends tonight."

"You know, I was going to ask the same thing." I laughed.

"Great. Well maybe after dinner we could sit and talk? Get to know each other a little?"

"I think that's a very good idea. I have a rather nice looking bottle of wine in my room if you'd like to join me on my terrace."

"I'd be honoured."

"Harry this is weird, you know that right?"

"If it's the only way to get you to feel ok with me again then I'm willing to do it."

"You're not going to introduce me to the others are you?"

"No, that would be silly."

"Normal for you then." I retorted.

"Me normal? No one's ever called me that before. Fantastic, sexy, amazing; all of these words have been used."

"You know your head is getting bigger right?"

"Oh no, how will I fit back in to the hotel?" His face showed mock horror. "You'll have to stay out here with me until it shrinks!"

"Alright alright I give in!" I laughed and put my magazine down, taking off my sunglasses and putting them safely under my seat. "I'm going for another swim."

"I'll join you." He said, getting up and following me.


"You two, we're going to have dinner in an hour so I thought you might want to get dressed. It's in the posh restraunt so you might want to dress up." Flo said before disappearing back inside.

Harry and I climbed off our sun loungers and went inside.

"Walk me down to dinner?" He asked.

"I thought the man was supposed to escort the lady?" I laughed. I'd been doing that a lot recently.

"Well will you let me escort you to dinner?"

"Yes, I will." I smiled and went in to straighten my hair. When I'd done up my makeup I went through my closet. What to wear...

I put on a purple satin dress that went with the shape of my figure and came to half way up my thighs. Then I sat and waited for Harry to knock on my door.

I liked getting on with him more.


The End

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