Harry - Starting AfreshMature

Before I could think about my stomach anymore Silas arrived back, he looked relieved but jumpy.

“Hey. Where have you been? Where’s Lou?” Flo demanded,

“I found her,” Silas attempted a smile but it didn’t reach his eyes, “but she’s not feeling so hot, we’re going to skip lunch and hopefully meet you guys for dinner,”

“Where was she?” Ian asked out of curiosity. Silas looked around as if someone was eavesdropping but we were the only people left in the restaurant, everyone else had eaten and left.

“In the sauna…” he muttered,

“I thought you looked there!” Flo accused,

“I did, she had been locked inside by some guy,” Silas whispered, “and fainted because of the heat,”

“Gosh!” Aimee exclaimed leaning towards Silas,

“Who locked her in?” I asked standing up, if he was still here he would get a battering from me…

“Sit down,” Silas commanded, he knew the look in my eyes too well, I obeyed, “a man, he was annoyed that she wouldn’t flirt with him,”

“That’s not on,” Flo muttered, “if someone doesn’t like you, get over it, don’t punish and try to kill them!” I glanced at Aimee, but she didn’t seem to notice, was she punishing me? I didn’t think so.

“I know, we’ll sort it out later,” Silas sighed, “I better get back; she’s really dehydrated and lightheaded,”

“Send her our love,” Flo called as Silas left. I picked up the lunch menu, despite the fact I had already decided what I was going to order two hours ago.

“I’ll have the bacon and cheese Panini,” I began,

“Sorry sir, it’s passed three O’clock, the lunch menu has ended,” I groaned quietly and threw the menu onto the table.

“See? We should have ordered when I said I was hungry,” Aimee just glared at me and Ian smiled sympathetically. “I’m starving,” I muttered angrily and my stomach growled as if to prove my point.

“I’m not really hungry anymore; I might just go back to the pool,” Aimee decided, “Flo will you come with? I’m not sure I want to be alone,” Flo looked at Ian, she was torn.

“Well I had promised Ian we’d…” she began,

“I’ll go with you,” I offered, Aimee looked at me as if she’d just seen a pig fly.

“You?” she asked,

“Me,” I replied flatly,

“That’s a great idea,” Ian enthused, “have fun guys, Flo and I are going to check out the spa, she’s booked me a massage,” I let out a laugh, “I have a bad back,” Ian retorted. They walked off hand in hand.

“Before we go anywhere, I need some food,” I warned her, “or I’ll get crabby,”

“You’re already crabby!” Aimee muttered,

“Oi,” I warned, “you’re not Miss. Nice at the moment either,”

“I think they sell snacks at the bar.” She told me, ignoring my insult. After purchasing some chips and a beer, I was ready to relax in the sun with Aimee. She obviously wanted to distance herself from me, but she was wary of this man who’d locked Lou in the sauna, so she kept walking ahead and then waiting for me. I smiled as I caught her up for the fifth time,

“Why not walk by my side like a normal person?” I asked her,

“I want to get to the good seats but you’re going too slowly and someone has probably already called dibs on them all,”

“Shock horror,” I murmured, she glared at me. “Come on Aimee, we used to get on so well, what went wrong?”

“You changed,”

I changed?” I asked incredulously, “How?”

“I don’t know, time does it to people, four years is a long time.” I sighed; I didn’t think I’d changed,

“I guess you’re right,” I told her, siding with her was better than arguing, “but have I changed so much that we can never get along again?”

“I wouldn’t go that far,” she smiled sitting down on a lounger and putting on her sunglasses. “I guess we’ll just have to work it out, start afresh…”

“Hi, I’m Harry,” I held out my hand, she looked at it and raised an eyebrow,

“What are you doing?”

“Starting afresh,” I smiled, “what’s your name?”

“Aimee,” she laughed, “this is weird,”

“Aimee, I had a girlfriend named Aimee once,” I pondered, “she was one hot chick,”

“Oh yeah?” Aimee asked smiling, “I bet she was,”

“I called her A, you mind if I call you A?”

“I’ll think about it,” she smiled and picked up a magazine, “and get back to you.”

The End

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