Ian: Waiting in the RestaurantMature

I was beginning to wonder if this group was capable of having a normal vacation (or holiday as some of them would say). When they got together, something always seemed to happen. First, there was that guy in the black suit, and now we couldn't find some of our friends, not to mention the sexual tension between Aimee and Harry.

They will eventually have make-up sex, I thought.

I wanted to help Flo process this situation; that's what guys are good at--fixing problems. Or, rather, we think we are good at fixing problems. In the end, we are as clueless as everyone else; we just don't have so many emotions to fall back on.

This Girl Code that Flo often talked about was confusing. There were too many rules. Guys had a code as well--I knew--but ours always seemed simpler by comparison. Our rules made sense and didn't get in the way of relationships. 

Women! I thought, shaking my head.

"I'm getting really worried," Aimee said, pacing back and forth a little.

"Don't worry," Harry replied, placing a hand on her shoulder. She looked at him briefly as if contemplating if she was going to allow the gesture. She stroked his hand gently, and he removed his hand.

Doesn't want to mess up the progress, I thought.

"I would say we split up again and look some more," I said, "but they do that in the movies as well. So, perhaps we should stay right here."

"Yeah, I'm hungry," Harry said.

"How can you eat at a time like this?" Aimee said. I had to smile at Harry's face when she said this. He had worked so hard at saying the right things, only to blow it in one thoughtless statement.

So, we waited in the restaurant for several minutes. Eventually, Silas strode up to our table. None of us had seen him coming.

"Hey," Flo said, her pitch high. "Where have you been? Where's Lou?"

The End

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