Silas: Steamy EncounterMature

It was really odd when I couldn't find Lou back in our room. It wasn't like her to go wandering off without telling me - that was what I did. 

I tried the others rooms but I didn't get any response. I screwed up my face in confusion, deciding to check the bar. I laughed to myself in the life - I was probably just on some wild goose chase. 

When she wasn't there, I started to panic. I wandered around, trying to think of anywhere I hadn't looked yet. When reception couldn't help, I was stumped. 

That was when a man who wasn't looking where he was going walked into me.

 "Sorry." He grunted in a comically low-pitched voice. 

"That's fine." I murmured, not really listening. As he walked away, I watched him. I knew him. I definitely knew him. Just before he turned a corner, he shot me a look, half anger and half happiness. 

A thought ran through my mind - had she brought anything down with her when she went in the pool? I found myself there in minutes, looking around. No clues. 

I looked over to the sauna again, wondering where she could have gone. Something about it didn't quite look right - something that I couldn't quite but my finger on. 

Checking that there was nobody else around, I opened it up, feeling a bit like I was a private detective or something, looking for clues. 

What I found shocked me. 

Lou was there on the floor, unconscious. I ran over to her, cradling her head in my lap. 

"Lou," I whispered in her ear. "Lou." 

When she didn't respond, I picked her up, taking her outside. I sat her down on a sun-lounger. Luckily, she was still breathing so I sat with her, trying to wake her up. I kissed her lovingly on the cheek, holding her hand tightly. 

"Silas?" She asked, sounding weak. 

"I'm here Lou." I smiled at her. "I'm not going anywhere." Slowly, she sat up, looking at me. "Let's get you back to our room, yeah?" I smiled again, hugging her. "Fiancee."

The End

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