Aimee: FoodMature

We followed Harry to the restraunt and sat around a table. Now that we had argued in public it seemed like everything would be normal and fine again. Well, sort of.  At least now everything was out in the open.

"So what are we having?" Harry said, passing out menus.

"Hmmm... everything looks so good!" I said, peering down the list.

"I could get seriously fat on this holiday." Flo moaned but didn't put down her menu.

"That's what holidays are for!" I laughed and began perusing the menu once more.

"I wonder what's keeping Silas and Louise..?" Ian said, glancing around.

"Well I'm not going to knock on their door and check for them. Who knows what getting engaged has done for their sex life." I winked, then turned to face the waitress that had arrived to take our orders. "Hi. I'd like a glass of J2O rasperry and the Salmon with new potatoes please."

As the rest of the group gave their orders, I glanced round to see if I could see Silas and Louise. I still couldn't see them. Normally I wouldn't worry, but the last time we all went on holiday together... well let's just say it had made me cautious.

"Should we go and find them? I mean... what if something has happened?"

"Weren't you the one just talking about their sex life?" Harry laughed.

"Well you'd know all about sex lives Mr Expert." Harry grimaced and I realised I'd hurt him. "Harry, I didn't mean..."

"No it's fine." He stood up. "I'll tell the waitress to hold the order until we get back." He walked over to the desk.

"Aimee, seriously, give the guy a break." Flo said to me.

"I know. I just... I can't seem to let it die. But, I want to."

"Well that's a start. Maybe you two should have a conversation, less publically."

"Maybe." Harry arrived back and I chanced an apologetic smile at him before getting up to go and look for the love birds.

I decided to check the room, and Harry followed me. Flo and Ian went to explore the downstairs lounge to see if they could find them there.

"Harry, I'm sorry for the way I've been acting. You have to understand that I was so annoyed at you, so upset that I didn't want to talk to you and then we've had four years without talking and ..."

"Aimee. Maybe we should have this conversation tonight? Join me for a glass of wine in my room? We can talk it over and then try and enjoy the rest of our holiday. But right now we really should be finding our friends." I was a little annoyed, but I accepted that he was making sense.

"Ok. Let's find them."

The End

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