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There were occasional moments when I thought that Aimee had forgiven me, the way she splashed me and dunked me, it was like she had forgotten we’d broken up. But that was stupid and I realised that when she disappeared off to the bar, talking and smiling with a total stranger…a women. I pulled myself out the water and shook my hair like a dog,

“Harry!” Flo protested throwing a pair of goggles at me; I grinned and headed towards the sun beds. I lounged next to a beautiful woman with a skimpy bikini on.

“Hey there,” I smiled sitting in the lounger next to hers,

“Hi,” she smiled opening her eyes,

“Want some help with your sun cream?” I asked her, she smiled slightly and then handed me the bottle. I squirted some into my hand and began to rub it onto her shoulders and back. “I find it so difficult to reach the back, and you don’t want to get sunburnt,” I told her. I turned my head over to the bar to see Aimee watching me, I smiled and raised my eyebrows at the woman I was slathering in cream, Aimee turned and began talking to the girl next to her, putting her hand on her shoulder. “I’m Harry,” I told the woman, she turned back round so she was facing me again,

“I’m Naomi,” she held out her hand, “nice to meet you Harry.” I shook her hand and smiled at her with my signature crocked smile, “This is going to sound so weird,” she muttered, “but I really recognise you from somewhere…”

“Ah,” I winked at her, “I play professional ball, is that it?”

“Which team?” she asked,

“New England Patriots,”

“That’s why I know you!” she cried, “Man my husband will be so jealous!”

“Your husband?” I asked slowly, she was married…

“We’ve been married two years,” I looked around trying to see if I could see him, “he’s not here,” she laughed softly, “I’m on a hen weekend with my girls.” Naomi waved across at the girl Aimee was talking to, the girl waved back and I caught Aimee’s eye, she didn’t look particularly happy.

“Would it be inappropriate if I bought you a drink?” I asked her; Naomi looked at me surprised and shook her head,

“I don’t think so,” she smiled. We made our way around the pool to where the bar was, I purchased two drinks and handed one to Naomi. “Come and meet my friend,” Naomi took my hand and pulled me to where Aimee and the woman was, “Sasha, this is Harry,” Naomi introduced us,

“Hello Harry,” Sasha smiled, “this is Aimee,” Sasha introduced Aimee,

“Aimee, that’s a nice name,” Naomi commented, Aimee smiled in response but didn’t say anything in reply.

“So Harry, are you single?” Aimee asked me, I gave her a funny look,

“What?” I asked her,

“I just heard that all football players find it particularly difficult to stick to one woman,” she raised an eyebrow, “is that true? Are you a player?”

“Aimee…” I began,

“Thing is Naomi,” Aimee turned to Naomi, “the only reason he’s talking to you is because he wants sex,”

“That’s not true Naomi,” I told her, “she’s married, Aimee,” I turned to Aimee and glared at her,

“And the truth is, Harry, you can’t maintain a long term relationship. You’ll just be alone for life,”

“If I’m such a ‘player’,” I used air quotes, “then how come you haven’t had a long term relationship since we broke up?”

“Do you two know each other?” Naomi asked,

“You used to date?” Sasha muttered confused,

“No long term relationship that you know of…” Aimee growled, “how would you know what happened in my life for four years?”

“I might do if you picked up my calls!” I yelled,

“I couldn’t Harry! You want to know why!?” she asked incredulously, “I couldn’t bear the thought of you going out with woman after woman!”

“I was concentrating on my major and football, I had so little time for anything else I didn’t think it was fair on you. I knew you’d be happier if you had a boyfriend you could see, touch and talk to. We were thousands of miles apart!”

“You told me you needed to fulfil your many urges!”

“I couldn’t explain to you my real reasons; I knew you’d be able to talk me out of it!” Aimee looked to where Sasha had been standing, my eyes followed and we realised they had both disappeared. I let a laugh escape through my nose, Aimee rolled her eyes.

“Now look what you did…” she muttered,

“Me?” I asked,

“Yeah, it’s all your fault,” she was trying to hide a smile, I lifted her up from around the waist and carried her towards the pool.

“Take that back!” I demanded,

“Never!” she cried, I threw her into the pool and turned away. She splashed me from the water and I ignored her, walking over to Flo, Silas and Ian.

“Where’s Lou?” I asked as Aimee appeared wet and bedraggled,

“Sauna,” Silas told us,

“Do you want to get her, then we can go eat some lunch?” I offered, Si got up and went to find Lou. Aimee put a towel around her and dried out her hair. Silas came back a moment later; he was looking around the pool area with a frown on his face, “Where is she?” I asked him,

“The sauna had closed; I reckon she’s gone back to the room. I’ll meet you guys in the restaurant, yeah?” he checked,

“See you buddy,” I waved, “let’s go eat!” I grinned and followed the group into the restaurant.

The End

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