Louise: 'I've Got A Fiancé, Stop Flirting With Me''Mature

It had probably been one of the best nights of my life, Silas had proposed to me after 4 years of us being together. I had never seen that coming, to be honest I never thought that I would get with Silas but there I was 4 years on, my life seemed to be running smoothly at long last.

I found it hard to come down from the high state of euphoria that night’s events had given me and actually go to sleep, I kept jumping ahead of myself and describing to Silas in huge amounts of detail what my dream wedding would be.

It was the heat of the Canadian sun that woke me from my slumber the next morning, rolling out of the duvet and slipping into the hotels silken dressing gowns I shuffled into the bathroom so I could have a cold shower to cool me down.

Had I dreamt the events of the previous night or did Silas really propose? I had drunk quite a bit last night so had the alcohol distorted my memory? I looked down at my hands and saw the ring shimmering beautifully on my hand, and that resolved the matter of whether I had imagined it or not instantly.

Silas was still in the land of nod when I emerged from the shower dripping wet with only a towel, I contemplated waking him up since I was so ‘exposed’ but he looked so peaceful so instead I slipped into my bikini and threw some shorts and a t shirt on top.

I made my way downstairs and met Flossie and Aimee and we sat and had breakfast together, the main topic at the breakfast table seemed to focus on my ring from Silas. Both Flossie and Aimee admired the ring which fit ever so perfectly on my hand.

"Right you guys, I'm going to change and then I'm going to spend the day at the pool." Aimee said once we had finished our breakfast.

"Not if I get there first!" Flo jumped up and ran from the hall. Aimee rolled her eyes at me in a she’s-such-a-big-kid way before turning and following Flossie. I remained in my seat for a few minutes allowing my breakfast to settle and still trying desperately to grasp the concept that I was engaged to Silas – It didn’t seem real.

For a moment the words Silas had whispered to me four long years ago reverberated from way back in the spiral of my ear, telling me that he was once gay but I had set him straight and he loves me. I had asked him why he had told me this and he had said just three words.‘I trust you.’

For other people the idea of marrying someone who used to be gay may have put them off but not me, I loved him and I knew for a fact that he loved me – and nothing would spoil that!

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a man dressed in black, the same man as before, the one Silas had been looking at. I was positive that before he disappeared into the crowds of people that now filled the lobby he gave me a sharp nod of acknowledgment, like he knew who I was and he knew that I was looking at him. For some reason this strange man in black unnerved me.

I shook this thought away and went to join Flossie and Aimee who were relaxing in the cool waters of the hotel swimming pool. I abandoned my shorts and T shirt on a deck chair by the pool and slipped in next to them. You wouldn’t have thought that Flossie, Aimee and I were in our twenties from the way we were behaving – splashing and dunking each other in the water and having a whale of a time.

Soon we were joined by the boys and Silas greeted me by plucking me underwater by me feet, making me shriek and giggle. Aimee and Harry looked to be actually enjoying themselves; they were both splashing and dunking each other in the water playfully. After about an hour of messing around in the water, Aimee climbed out the pool and went to get a drink, Harry was flirting with a random girl and Flossie and Ian were wrapped up in their own little world – bobbing up and down in the pool, staring into each other’s eyes.

“Hey, I’m gonna try the Sauna out Si, I’ll see you in a bit” I said, giving him a quick kiss and clambering out the pool.

I walked for about 5 minutes, the noise of the pool growing fainter by the minute until I reached a small hut with a sign above the door saying ‘Sauna.’ I opened the door and the heat and the smell of the sauna hit instantly and I stepped back for a second, allowing myself to get used to the heat and the strong smell. I then climbed in and shut the door behind me.

I allowed the strong smell to relax me and I closed my eyes and leaned back on my hands slightly, until a voice brought me back to reality.

“Hey there beautiful” A male voice said through the gloom. “Hi” I said nervously to the man, squinting slightly so that I could make out who it was. “Hey you’re the man in the black suit who has been watching us” I accused.

He laughed, “Yes I am, I was staring at you’re beauty” he said, a flirtatious edge to his voice. “I’m sorry I am engaged” I said shuffling away slightly. The man shuffled around the bench so that he was sat next to me, “I’m Guy, by the way and what’s your name beautiful?”

“Louise, and stop flirting with me, I have a fiancé” I said moving away from him.

“Aww, what fiancé doesn’t know won’t him!” he murmured brushing his lips against mine.

“No” I almost shouted, pushing him away from me.

Guy looked taken aback that I had refused to submit to being seduced and his face contorted in anger, “You have made a big mistake” he snarled before leaving the sauna.

I signed in relief, glad that he was gone and leaned back to enjoy the rest of my time in the sauna, kicking my sandals off. About half an hour later, I was ready go cool off in the pool, as I was getting too hot and slightly dizzy from the heat. I slipped my sandals back on and went to leave only to find that the Sauna door was locked, That man, Guy had locked me in.

I banged on the door and shouted ‘Let me out!” but to no avail, the Sauna was too far out for anyone to hear. I thrashed my body against the door but it wouldn’t budge – I was trapped.

Suddenly, I could feel my consciousness slipping away due to the vast heat of the sauna in such a small space and I shrank to the floor, my vision becoming dimmer and dimmer before my consciousness finally slipped away.   

The End

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