Ian: Man in a Black SuitMature

Right after Paul left the hotel, Silas' phone went off. He looked down and made a face as if to say, "Of all times!" He reached into his pocket and took the phone out.

After he saw the number of the person calling, his facial expression fell. He stood motionless for several seconds.

"Aren't you going to answer it?" Louise asked.

Silas craned his head toward the front desk area. The rest of us looked in that same direction. A man in a black suit stood in the lobby, facing us and holding a cell phone to his ear.

I returned my gaze to Silas. Without looking down at the phone, he pressed the ANSWER button, raising the phone to his ear.

"Hello," he greeted, his tone flat. His gaze was still fixed on the man at the front desk. I suspected that there was no answer on the other side.

The man in the black suit shut his cell phone and dropped it into an inner pocket of his suit coat. His expression remained flat as he turned and walked out of the hotel.

Our slightly drunk state made the cell phone exchange a little spooky. Harry's eyes were wide as if he was surprised at something. Flo and Aimee were both breathing hard, audible to the rest of the group.

Lou approached Silas and asked, "Who's the man in the black suit?"

The End

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