Louise: The Big SurpriseMature

I left Aimee at the bar, she seemed quite content flirting with the newcomer Paul and it seemed a shame to drag her away, so I decided that I would venture outside.

It was still bright outside even though it was half 9 at night and people were still lazing in the deck chairs around the pool. I slipped into a free deckchair and kicked off my sandals before leaning the deck chair back as far as it would go so that I could soak up the last remaining rays before darkness fell.

I laid there for about half an hour, enjoying the warms of the sun’s rays on my bare legs until a figure loomed across me blocking off the sunshine. I took off my sunglasses and looked up at the figure’s soft green eyes.

“Hey You” I said smiling pulling Silas closer to me so that I could steal a quick kiss, “Where did you get to, you slipped away” I questioned. It might just have been me but it seemed as though he was on edge and pondered the question for a while before answering.

“I just…. Just popped back to our room to get something, listen I have got a glass of Sangria with your name on it at the bar, do you want to come and claim it?” he asked, pulling me off the deck chair and onto my feet.

“Have I been known to say no to a glass of Sangria” I asked him, stealing another kiss from him.

He led me back inside where, sure enough a glass of Sangria was waiting on the bar for me. I took a sip and smiled lovingly at Silas who also had a glass of Sangria in his hands. “Let’s drink these in the hotel lounge he insisted. I nodded and we made our way into the lounge and to a table where everyone was sitting.

“Si, what the hell is going on, Ian and I were going to have an early night, what’s so important that you dragged us out of bed?” Flossie protested arms folded. “I agree, I was talking to a really fit lad at the bar Si” Aimee moaned, and out of the corner of my eye, I was sure I saw Harry shuffle uncomfortably in his seat.

“Well if you all be quiet for a minute I will tell you” Silas called over all the protesting. I just sat their utterly perplexed, sipping my Sangria, Flossie caught my eye and gave me a do-you-know-what-this-is-about look and quickly shook my head at her, I was just as confused as she was.

Everyone stopped talking and looked at Silas who was still standing up, I looked up at him too and noticed that he was shaking, whatever he was about to do it was apparently nerve wrecking . I reached up and intertwined my fingers with his and he looked down at me, smiling lovingly at me, then he started to talk to us all.

“As you all know, I have been with Lou here for 4 years, and it hasn’t been plain sailing but we have been through thick and thin together.” I stared at him puzzled but didn’t speak.

“So, I feel that now is the right time to ask this, since we are all together.”

He stole a quick kiss from me before dropping to one knee and pulling from his jacket pocket a small black box.

“Louise Ketley, I love you with all my heart, will you marry me?”

The End

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