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She laughed, almost bitterly, as she joked about the offside rule, I couldn’t think of any rebuttal but I reckoned that was a good thing. Si winked at me as the girls started talking about Gucci and Versace, Ian turned away from the girls and smiled as if to say ‘I have to put up with this everyday.’

“So are you psychoanalysing us all right now?” I asked Silas, he smiled slightly,

“I really can’t be bothered, but if I was, I think I would find some interesting things,”

“Like what?” I asked him, he leaned closer to me,

“See Aimee?” he asked, I looked across then nodded, “The way she’s sipping her drink makes me think that her mind’s not in the conversation, she’s thinking about something else,”

“Ah, thing is, that can’t be proved,” I told him,

“Aimee, what are you thinking about?” Si called across the table, she jolted and almost spilt her drink, she then put it down gently on the table and turned to Silas,

“Why?” she asked,

“I’m just trying out a psychology thing,” he smiled,

“He does this all the time with me,” Lou grinned,

“I was thinking about…this holiday,” she informed us, Silas turned back to me and raised his eyebrows,

“She’s lying,”

“How can you tell?” Ian asked leaning across the table,

“The way she paused and the way she didn’t make eye contact with us when she said it, instead her eyes flickered to Harry and then down,”

“What’s that mean?” Ian asked,

“I don’t want to say…” he trailed off and then looked away from us both, I hit his arm playfully, “I’m not sure,”

“He’s lying! He looked away!” Ian called, I smirked,

“It means she was thinking about you,” Silas whispered, I laughed casually,

“Whatever,” I dismissed the thought briefly, Silas just raised his eyebrows and Ian sat back with a frown on his face as if he’s expected less of an anticlimax. Our meals came and the table went quiet as people began to hack at their steaks or daintily chew their barbeque ribs, I smiled across the table at Flo as Ian took her knife off her and cut the large slab of meat for her, almost like you would for a child.

“Meals were never this good on the road,” Lou said as she finished her mouthful,

“We never did get to the places we hope for did we?”  Silas stated,

“Has anyone spoken to Livvy recently?” Aimee asked,

“Harry has,” Silas laughed hitting my arm with his fist,

“What did she say?”

“What did she do, rather,” Silas laughed again, no one joined in and he stopped and looked into his food,

“Harry?!” Aimee snapped,

“I only saw her at a family party we had last year, she was in the neighbourhood and she came by. She looked well and healthy, we got talking about the road trip and then we…” I trailed off, Aimee narrowed her eyes and Flo smirked,

“I don’t think we want to hear the end of that sentence,” she smiled,

“I was going to say played cards,” I joked, only Ian laughed and I loved him for it.

After the meal we headed back to Four Seasons, I was a little tired and jetlagged so went up to my room. The suite was impressive, I had a small lounge area which had a door through to the bedroom, there was a clean bathroom with stunning white tiles. The Vancouver skyline was beautiful and I took a picture on my cell to send to Ethan, my old room mate from UCLA, he’d appreciate it with his photography major. I undressed and laid down on my bed, before I could quite fall asleep there was a hammering on my door, I groaned and got up slowly. I opened the door to find Aimee outside,

“Can I come in?” she asked,

“Sure,” I said opening the door a little wider, she stepped in and looked down at me in my boxers, I quickly found a hotel dressing gown and put it on. “What’s up?” I asked as I watched her go into the lounge area,

“I just wanted to make sure that we were cool?”

“Hey, it was you who ignored me,” I reminded her,

“I know, I’m sorry, I was feeling tired and hungry I guess,”

“I get it,” I smiled, A’s cell phone buzzed and she took it out her pocket,

“Oh, it’s Paul,” she told me, I didn’t know a Paul and I didn’t know why she was telling me this, “I’ve got to go, he wants to meet me by the bar,” she smiled and put her cell back into her pocket, “bye!” she called heading out the door. She closed it and the room seemed to spin around, she was dating? Of course she was dating, it had been four years! But why did this bother me so much? It wasn’t as if I wanted her to date me. I guess I would just have to find my own vacation fling, and that wouldn't be too hard, I was quarterback for the best football team in America.

Girls, you better watch out.

The End

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