Aimee: Sort yourself outMature

From the way the others were acting I could tell I was ruining things. I resolved to be more myself; to have fun. I could do that without talking to Harry right? But then, why shouldn't I talk to him really? Sure I was annoyed that he expected us to just go back to being friends after he broke up with me on the phone, but to be honest, the worst thing I could do to him was show him I was over it. If I pretended to be fine with his carefree attitude then surely it would confuse him? All I knew is that I wanted him to realise it didn't matter to me what he did, because I was totally over him. Completely, totally... I caught his eye and snapped my head round to the menu in front of me. Over him?

"This place looks great Ian." I complemented, deciding it would be best for us all if I was enjoying this reunion. There was a slight look of shock on everyone's faces, but they all visibly relaxed and smiles appeared on their faces.

"Thanks. One of my friends told me about it when I told him I was coming here."

"Nice. Well I'm starving. Let's choose what we want and order."

We spent some minutes looking through the menus and then ordered. Now it would be the time for conversation, and I knew that although I would have no problem chatting with Flo, Silas, Louise and Ian, Harry would pose a bit of a problem.

"So Aimee, what are you doing now?" Silas asked, taking a sip of his drink and holding Louise's hand.

"I work at Cosmopolitan. You know, the fashion  magazine? I write articles, discuss trends, that sort of thing. What about you?"

"I've been doing psychology. The fascinating human mind."

"Wow, that sounds cool." Flo said, leaning in to Ian. I didn't really like how they were coupled off and Harry and I were left on the outside. It made me feel like we would have to be left alone at some point.

"What about you Flo?" Harry asked, glancing at me and finding that my eyes were not throwing daggers any more. He smiled slightly, and I forced myself to smile back. No point making things difficult. I was going to find someone on this holiday, and he was going to see that I was over him. Which I definately am.

"I'm an assistant editor at a publishing house. You know, books, those things you never looked at during school." I laughed at Flo's joke.

"Hey, no ganging up! I did alright for myself didn't I?"

"Yeah you definately did. So, what's it like being famous?" Silas asked, slapping his friend on the back.

"It's alright. Ok, I'm lying. It's incredible. You get everything. I mean, people want to know you, you get free stuff, even if you have to work your ass off to get them. My coach is a real task master." I listened to Harry out of courtesy, although it did make me smile slightly to see him so happy.

"Sounds good." I said quietly, and took a sip of my drink.

"It is." I jumped slightly; I didn't realise he could hear me. I decided to change the subject.

"So Louise, you got another promotion right?"

"Yeah, I'm Chief of Police back at home."

"That'a amazing. And to think, four years ago you'd only just started out."

"Well I think our adventure across America might have something to do with how well I've done. You know, compensation for finding out that the police force is corrupt."

"Yeah, you'll sort them out." The food arrived and we dug in, silent for a minute whilst we satisfied our grumbling stomachs.

"So.... I've been dying to ask Aimee... what's it like having all those clothes around you?" Flo's eyes were shining across the table.

"I knew you'd ask that! Well honestly, it's amazing. I mean, wait until you see my suitcase. I get to pick clothes of the  hangers if they've been used in a shoot. It's incredible! Oh, and I might just have brought you a present, and Louise. But we may have to take it in, you've lost weight!"

"Oooh a present! Yeah, do you like?" She asked, standing briefly to give a twirl.

"Very much. It really suits you being that slim."

"Thank you."

"Bet you can't wait to get in the pool. Show off your new body."

"Heck yes."

"Oh dear... the conversation of weight and clothes. How interesting, right guys?" Harry winked at Ian and Silas. I could have reacted, but decided in the interests of a nice holiday that I wouldn't. At least, not in a nasty manner.

"About as interesting as the off side rule is to us." I laughed and took another sip of my drink.


The End

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