Ian: Breaking it up with HyMature

"I'll just sit over here," Aimee said as she took a seat at the table next to the one everyone else was sitting at.

"I'll sit with you," Flo offered, but before she could stand, Aimee held up a hand.

"I'll be fine," she said. "You should have some fun."

"And you shouldn't?" Flo retorted. 

I didn't like where this conversation was going. Without looking at either Flo or Aimee, I said, "This place is pretty fancy. Perhaps we could ease into a place like this and start off with something a little different. We don't want to go all out on the first night, do we?"

"Are you kidding me?" Louise asked from behind the menu she was studying. "This place is awesome."

"Perhaps Ian is right," Silas said, placing a hand on Louise's shoulder. Turning his attention to me, he continued, "Do you have a suggestion?"

"Depends on what you want," I replied. "This is downtown Vancouver. There's a whole bunch of stuff." 

I glanced briefly at Flo who was still peering at Aimee. I risked looking over my shoulder to see if the change in conversation had affected Aimee's mood. She was looking down, so it was hard to tell what her expression was doing. I decided to risk bringing Aimee in on the conversation.

"Aimee," I said. "Would you like Italian or maybe some steak?"

She answered by shrugging her shoulders. Louise finally saw what I was trying to do, so she said, "I could go for some steak. How about you, Aimee?"

"I guess," Aimee murmured.

"There's a steakhouse on the next street," I informed the group. "Walking distance."

"Would you like to go there?" Flo asked Aimee who nodded silently.

"Great!" I stood and surveyed the rest of the group. Silas was the next one to stand. 

"The name of the place is called Hy's Steakhouse," I said. Silas frowned and looked like he had a question on the tip of his tongue. 

"I know," I replied to his unasked question. "Funny name, huh? I kinda want to meet the guy whose name is Hy."

The End

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