Harry FitzMature

“Sorry ladies, I’ve got to go,” I told them holding up my hands in surrender,

“Please, just sign my bra,” a woman held up her sweatshirt and held out a sharpie, I narrowed my eyes but surrendered, I scrawled my name across her bra and handed back the pen.

“Enjoy your weekend,” I smiled before picking up my suitcase and wheeling it towards the terminal,

“Hey look! It’s Harry Fitz!” a young boy called, he dragged his father over towards me,

“Great play this season,” the father said offering my hand for me to shake, “the New England Patriots are lucky to have you,” I shook his hand gratefully,

“I’m so sorry but I’ve got to catch this plane,” I said pointing at the terminal entrance, “I’ve already missed one,”  

“I understand,” the father smiled,

“Please daddy, can we get a picture?”

“Do you mind? My son’s your biggest fan,” he smiled hopefully; I relented and posed for a photograph which his mom kindly took. I shook the boy’s hand and darted into the terminal, I wasn’t going to stop for any more fans. Once I’d climbed aboard I sat myself in first class and relaxed, I had a 5 hour flight to Vancouver where I’d meet up with ‘the gang’. I had almost lost touch since I’d been to college, as soon as I’d graduated from the architecture major I had been scouted by the New England Patriots and now I was a full time squad member. I loved my new life, the glamour of being half-famous and the money wasn’t bad either. Training was tough and time consuming but playing ball for a living was something I’d never have thought would become a reality, and I was pleased I had made my family proud.

“Champagne Sir?” a flight attendant asked,

“No thanks,” I smiled, I was sure this summer reunion would involve a lot of alcohol, and I was a bit of a lightweight since I’d started playing ball, we weren’t allowed to drink it during the season. The football season started late August and ran through into the first week in February which was when the Super Bowl took place,  the players were allowed a two month holiday in June and July, training restarted at the beginning of August. And this year I was spending those two months with the people I once loved, but had lost touch with. I closed my eyes and soon enough I was being shaken awake,

“We’re descending now Sir, please put on your seat belt,” I obeyed and checked my cell as we began the descent, “Please refrain from using electrical equipment during landing,” the flight attendant muttered, I sent a quick text to Silas saying we were landing and then put my cell in my pocket. Half an hour later I was walking through the terminals into Vancouver airport, I caught a taxi which took me to Four Seasons hotel. I climbed out the cab, allowed the attendant to wheel in my luggage and checked my watch, it was 5pm and check-in was at 3pm, the others had been here two hours. I took myself up to my suite and helped the luggage man carry in my cases, I took a quick shower and changed into a suit, I couldn’t decide between a tie or bowtie and so I decided than an un-tied bowtie was the way to go. I went to the window and looked out across the Vancouver skyscrapers with the grand mountains in the backdrop. My cell buzzed,


“It’s Silas, we were all wondering if you’d arrived yet?”

“I’m here, just settling in,” I replied suddenly going hot,

“Come on down to the bar, we’re all waiting,”

“I’ll be right there,” I told him, I took a deep breath and left my suite. I was looking forward to seeing Si and Lou, who’d managed to stay together all four years, Flo was always easy to talk to and had brought her new boyfriend, Ian, I was looking forward to meeting him too, apparently he was a Jets fan so we’d have a little friendly rivalry. But then there was Aimee. A. After three months of long distance dating I had called it off…I thought we had split up on friendship terms – up until she blocked all my calls and avoided all my emails. She had cut me out and I wasn’t looking forward to seeing her again, it was going to be awkward.


I entered the bar area and saw the group of old friend all sat around a table, the chairs were plush and fancy, I took another calming breath and walked over.

“Harry!” Flo called, she jumped up and ran over to me, wrapping her arms around my neck. I hugged her back and felt immediately better; it was just like old times. As Flo pulled away I was met by Silas, he gave me a quick hug and then offered his hand which I shook, I hugged Lou and kissed her cheeks. “This is Ian,” Flo pointed at a man I vaguely recognised, I smiled jovially and shook his hand,

“Nice to meet you, again!” I grinned, we all turned expecting Aimee to also greet me but she was still sat at the table, a martini in her hand, she sipped it seductively but ignored me altogether. Internally I groaned, she was going to act like this was she? Well two could play at this game… We headed back to the seats, I sat in-between Si and Ian and we started catching up. Lou had recently got a promotion and so Silas bought us all a round of drinks to celebrate, Flo was working in New York as an editor and Ian lived with her – hence his New York Jets fandom. And then there was A, she was strangely quiet sipping her second martini,

“How about you Aimee?” I questioned, her eyes flickered over to me but didn’t settle on my face,

“Well you all know, apart from him,”she muttered,

“How could I know? You’ve been avoiding my calls,” I retorted,

“I’m working in a fashion magazine, if you must know,”

“Wow, that’s your dream job,” I smiled happy for her,

“Of course we all know what you do for a living,” she said almost angrily, “Harry this, Harry that, you’re all over the sports channels,”

“I’m sorry for that…” I muttered, it wasn’t exactly my fault was it? Although I could see where she was coming from, if Aimee had been on the TV every time I switched it on I would have been sick of seeing her, after we broke up I had felt terrible and so to have it rubbed in my face, would have been hell.

“On another note,” Flossie spoke up, “isn’t this hotel fantastic?”

“It’s better than that cramped campervan,” A muttered,

“Oh come on A, you loved it at the time!” I told her,

“Don’t call me A!” she snapped, I widened my eyes as Silas stood up,

“Guys, could you at least be civil?” he begged, “Come on, let’s go and eat it’s almost 7,” we all followed him into the restaurant and took our seats. I hated being here already, they were all coupled off and the other odd one out, Aimee, hated me.

The End

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