Silas: On the WayMature

We entered the lift at the same time - neither of us wanted to let go of the others hand. I smiled at Lou as she pressed the button for the ground floor.

The past four years of my life had been the absolute best and all because of one person. Living with Lou hadn't been problem free, but which relationship is? I mean ours was hardly ever a conventional one, with all the shooting in the beginning. Sometimes we argued about it - but the fights never lasted long. I knew that all I had to do was kiss her to calm her down.

I reached out for her other hand, pulling her into an embrace. As I held our bodies together, we shared a kiss.

"What was that for?" Lou looked at me, a little shocked.

"Just because I love you." I smiled as the doors opened and let us out. "Fancy a drink?"

She nodded, walking over to reception. I ordered us a couple of drinks from the bar when my phone went off in my pocket. Two messages: Harry saying he'd be a little late and an unknown number, the same unknown number that had been pestering me for weeks - it said "Isn't it nice?"

I hadn't told Lou about it - I knew that she'd only worry.

I felt two arms snake around my waist and I turned to face her, my Lou. "I got your favourite." I explained.

She kissed me as thanks before pointing over at some people. I smiled.

It had been too long. Lou was over there straight away but I hung back a little. I was thinking. We were going to have an eventful one, I could feel it. I embraced it, rushing forward to my girl and my friends.

Life couldn't get much better.

The End

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