Louise: Paradise!Mature

“Lou, have you seen my trunks?” Silas bellowed down the stairs, I rolled my eyes before calling back, “There folded neatly on our bed, hurry up or we will miss our flight!” Typical men, always leaving their packing until the last minute, I had said I’d pack for him if he wanted but he didn’t seem to keen on the idea.

Ten minutes later the was a loud clunk clunk clunk as Silas dragged his suitcase down the stairs and entered the kitchen, his sunglasses sitting on top of his head. “Ready?” I asked standing up and giving him a kiss on the cheek before going to pick up my luggage. “Yeah I think I am all packed at long last, I can’t wait to see everyone, it’s been too long!” he said grinning at me. I grinned back, “come on, let’s go” I said ushering him out the door and opening the boot of the car and piling our suitcases in.

We checked into the airport in good time and were one of the first people to board the plane. Silas had somehow managed to get us first class tickets so we spent the next 3 hours slouched in large leather seats, reading magazines, chatting about what we were going to do when we got there and reminiscing about the past.


We stood in the lobby of the hotel, gobsmacked at the beauty of the hotel we were in, this truly was paradise. We both made our way towards the reception and a lady with dark brown hair and a beaming smile welcomed us. “Welcome to the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver, one of the best hotels in Canada, how can I help you today?”

Silas cleared his throat before speaking, “Mr. Silas Donohue and Miss Louise Ketley, we have a room prebooked and paid for?” he said in his most business like voice. The woman tapped on the keyboard for a few seconds before responding. “Ah yes, room 248, you have an en-suite room which includes a balcony which looks out over the lake and towards the mountains, it’s a fantastic view – enjoy” she said sliding two room cards along the desk and indicating the lift to our right.

We thanked her for her help and made our way into the lift, lugging our heavy suitcases as we went.

We unlocked the door to our room and made our way inside; I had never seen something so amazing in all my life. I dropped my bags immediately and ran inside, shrieking like a little girl, so much that Silas had to kiss me to shut me up.

We wasted no time in unpacking our things and slipping into something more classy for the reunion with all our old friends.

“Ready?” Silas asked squeezing my hand.

“Let’s go” I said, applying the rest of my makeup and joining Silas in the doorway, ready to go downstairs and say hello to all our old friends.

It had been too long!

The End

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