Flo: Last Minute NervesMature

I sat in the airport, Blackberry in hand, scrolling through my emails as I waited, occasionally looking up at the departures board to check out gate wasn't closing.  Trust Ian to let it go down to the wire.

Just as the green word boarding changed to a flashing red last call, Ian appeared with his carry on bag, looking flustered.

"I know what you're going to say," he said as he reached me.

"Good because that means I won't have to say it," I replied, giving him a quick peck on the lips.  "I just hope you know I could have changed out of my suit in the time it's taken you to get here."

"I know, I know.  Sorry you had to come straight from work but these were the only tickets I could get."

"Stop apologising, I was only teasing.  Let's go before our gate closes."

We hurried along the clinical passageways towards gate 45, where we showed a disgruntled looking attendant our boarding passes and passports.  She reluctantly let us through, staring grumpily at us as we walked down yet another corridor towards the plane.

When we finally made it on board, everyone stared at us as we walked past, knowing that we were the two late passengers.  But soon after we'd sat down the engines started and we were heading for the runway.  As we took off I looked down at New York disappearing beneath us.  I'd come to university here four years ago and hadn't left since.  I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.


"Are you sure they'll be alright with me being here?"  Ian asked as he looked at himself in the mirror, trying to decide whether or not to wear a tie.  "I mean it is a reunion between you and your old school friends."

"Of course they'll be fine with you being here.  Silas is bringing Louise and Harry will probably bring whatever blonde bimbo he currently has on his arm, so stop worrying."

"Is Aimee not bringing anyone?"

"Last time I spoke to her she was happily single.  Don't bother with the tie."

"But I still don't want to be interrupting anything," Ian said, throwing down the tie he'd been holding and turning to face me as I smoothed my skintight black dress down in the mirror.  I'd lost a lot of weight since I'd last seen all my friends and I hoped they would notice my new figure.

"You're not interrupting, Aimee said you were very welcome to come.  She wants to see you again."

"Only if you're sure," Ian said.

"Positive," I replied, putting my arms around his neck and kissing him.  "Now stop fussing and get ready."

I turned back to the mirror, running my hands through by bright red hair and checking my make up.

I suddenly felt really nervous.  I'd changed a lot since we had all been together.  I'd become an assistant editor for a publishing house and was constantly on my Blackberry.  I was still the bubbly, friendly happy-go-lucky girl I'd been at 18, just a lot busier then I'd ever thought I would be.

What if they noticed too much of a change in me?  What if they didn't like the person I'd become?

"I'm ready to go," Ian said, breaking my thought pattern.

"Brilliant," I replied.

"Come here," he said, noticing my nerves and holding out his arms, which I gladly walked into.  My head rested neatly on his chest and my arms went around his waist.  "You're going to be fine.  They will love you, just like they always have."

"I know," I mumbled into his shirt.

"Good, then let's head downstairs and say hello.  We don't want to be the last ones down there."

"Of course not," I said, grabbing my little black bag from the hotel bed and throwing the strap over my shoulder.  "Let's go."

The End

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