Roadtrip: The ReunionMature

It's four years since we last met Aimee, Harry, Flossie, Silas and Louise, and now they are seeing each other again for the first time since they seperated for university.But will it be plain sailing?

"I'll call you!" I said to Kallie, kissing her on the cheek before attempting to make it out of the door of our apartment with my holiday suitcase.

"Yeah, you'd better! And don't forget that I still want you emailing me articles!" I grinned and waved as I climbed in to the taxi which was waiting to take me to the airport.

The taxi driver hummed along to the radio as I looked out of the window. So much had happened; Kallie and I now worked at Cosmopolitan, having acquired the job through two of our fashion pieces during the last term of university. Although we had been working there a year, I still felt as though I knew nothing, but I'd saved up enough for the trip that myself and my old friends had decided on four years ago.

Four Seasons Vancouver, one of the best hotels in Canada. It was ironic that we were going there, considering Canada was the one place we had tried so hard to get to on our crazy roadtrip four years previously, and never actually reached.

I sat in the plane, thinking of my old friends. There was Silas and Louise, who last I heard still had a very strong relationship. Flo, who had stayed with Ian, the guy she met on our roadtrip throughout her four years of university. And then there was Harry. Our relationship had lasted three months of university life, and then we both realised that a long term relationship was not going to work. He needed to fulfill his 'manly urges' as he called them, and I needed someone to be fun with, not someone who I could just talk down the phone to. It was never going to work. The last I spoke to him he was back to his old dating habits, although this time his relationships tended to last more than one night. But we had lost touch, partly because i refused to pick up the phone, and he had finally given in. There were many occassions where I missed talking to him, but I refused to give way to my pride and call him. I felt a little stupid now that I was going to see him. But I wanted him to be sure that I had moved on. I was determined to find someone at our hotel that I could get to know a little. I sighed and put all that aside. Who cares? It's in the past now, right?


The hotel was beyond gorgeous. There was a pool, a spa, amazing bedrooms and gorgeous views. I squealed and threw myself on the bed. We had ordered it so that couples were together, and individuals had singles, but with double beds, just incase. I mean, I was here to have fun!

I slipped out my phone and rang Kallie.

"Hey Kal, I'm here and it's gorgeous! Just thought I'd let you know I was here safely, and you and your girlfriend better not go anywhere near my room. Love ya!" I left the message and then went to freshen up. When I'd slipped in to a comfortable green dress I checked my makeup and then headed downstairs. Being in a fashion magazine had given me style ideas, and I knew that I was definately looking good. I hoped that it would impress the friends I had not seen for years.

I had asked the man at the front desk to direct any of the group to the lounge where I was having a drink, and I knew that once they had freshened up they would be here. I sipped at the cool refreshing drink. Ah, holiday!


The End

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