Five friends on a road trip stumble across something which no one was supposed to see, and now they are on the run from the law, or the lawless.

The last day of school is a mixture of sadness, joy and hope. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and everyone is crowded at the front of school, saying goodbye to the friends they have known for years, and may never see again.

I slammed my locker shut for the last time and linked arms with my best friend Florence, or Flossie as we call her. Flossie and I have known each other since we were three, and we became best friends when she and I won the talent competition in lower school by doing a rather embarrassing performance of 'Daddy wouldn't buy me a Bow-Wow'. We'd stuck together through school, and now we were here, leaving it all behind.

"I cannot wait for our road trip!" Flo squealed, squeezing my arm tightly as we left the building and were enveloped in the crowd.

"Me too!" I replied, before releasing my arm to hug goodbye to Michaela, my science partner. Flossie grabbed my arm and pulled me over to where Silas and Harry were standing. Silas and Harry couldn't be more different if they tried. Harry is a ladies man, and you can bet that all the girls in school are going to miss staring at him when he walks in a room. Well, almost all the girls. Silas on the other hand is a little louder, without the big muscles and the reputation that Harry has, but he is still one of the best guys I know.

"Hey guys! How much are you looking forward to our roadtrip?" Flossie is highly excitable, and now is not an exception.

"Of course." Silas said, grinning.

"Flo, you're crushing A's arm. She needs that for driving and, well you know, other stuff." Harry winked at me. Harry is the only one of the group that calls me A. Everyone else calls me Aimee, but he has a special pass to a nickname. He and I go way back, not as far as Flo and I, but we were friends as soon as we met. Both of us like a laugh, and most of our conversations are filled with innuendoes and little digs at each other.

"Yeah, we wouldn't want my arm to fall off, because then Harry would have to drive, and we'd all die in the first ten minutes of our trip."

"Ten minutes, practically a compliment of my driving from you."

"Sorry, I meant to say ten seconds."

"Haha!" He said, and threw a mock punch in my direction.

"Hey guys, ready for tomorrow?" Livvy had joined our conversation, the final person in our group. Livvy had known Silas for years, and that was how we had met her. She was quiet and thoughtful, and a very loyal friend. We love her to bits.

"Completely!" Flo said, pouncing once more on the subject of our road trip. "I am so excited!"

The End

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