*ring ring, ring ring*

Me: Hel-lo?

Caller: This is an automated call.

Me: (mock excitement from now on) An automated call? Goody!

Automaton: Do not hang up.

Me: Hang up? Moi?

Automaton: This is an important message from the government.

Me: The government, you say? Well, it must be important!

Automaton: In 2002, the government launched a scheme which is about to be scrapped this November.

Me: Wow! Really?

Automaton: To recover £200 a month-

Me: Two hundred pound! I completely believe you, automated call that is sent to everybody in the country and claims that it will give me two hundred pounds a month! Not.

Automaton:- just listen to the following message.

Me: Mmhm, uh huh, mmhm, uh huh. Yeh, all that is absolutely great but I have to go now. Good day to you.

*beep beep*

The End

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