*Ring Ring*


Caller: "Hi it's Tyler."


Sarah: "Hi Tyler, umm... how are you?"


Tyler: "I'm ok."


Sarah: "Ok."


Tyler: "Do you know who I am?"


Sarah: (laughs) "In all honesty I'm sorry but no."


Tyler: "I live down the street from you. My parents and me went to your parents house for a dinner party last week... we go to school together."


Sarah: "Ohhh ok, yes now I remember, sorry about that I'm terrible with names.  I don't recognize your number... It's not a Wellington number... where are you calling from?"


Tyler: "I bought myself a cell phone, It's my new number. It's the newest technology, I can get one for you if you would like, they give them to me for free because of the television spot I was in, it's like free advertising for them."


Sarah: "You were in a television spot? Good for you!"


(A long pause)


Tyler: "Well the reason I'm calling is to ask you if you wanted to go out with me some time.  I was thinking there is the fair next week if you want to go, we could go see the dog show or take a few rides if you wanted, and if you wanted the phone I could give it to you then."


Sarah: "I really don't need a phone (laughs) but thanks, and I'm afraid I actually I have gymnastics practice on the some other time?"


Tyler: "Yeah, um oh, ok, that's good...umm, well you have a good night then."


Sarah: "You too."




A day later;


*Ring Ring*

Caller: "Hello?"


Sarah's father: "yes?"


Caller: "Who is this?"


Sarah's father: "This is the Bradford residence; may I ask who is calling?"


Caller: "Hi its Dan Gobey"


Sarah's fathter: "Oh Hi Dan, how are you?"


Dan Gobey:  I'm alright but I was wondering if you got a call from the number 682 4582 in the last few days?"


Sarah's father: "Umm, I'm not sure let me check the caller ID." (Looks through the caller ID)

"Yes we did, yesterday... why?"


Dan Gobey : "Well... our house was broken into yesterday and the only thing that was taken was our cell phone.  Just because of the fact that that was the only thing taken... we figured it was someone young and kept it connected.  You wouldn't happen to know who called from that number would you?"


Sarah's father:  "I think someone called for my daughter around that time, give me a second to ask her."


(Long pause)


Sarah's father:  "Hi, yes, I just spoke with my daughter.  She says It's your neighbor's son.  He called her saying it was his phone and told her he was doing some sort of television work where they gave it to him.  He told her he could get one for her."


Caller:  "Well I can tell you he didn't get that from anyone; he got it from breaking a window and taking it off our kitchen counter.  Thank you very much Mr. Bradford, and thank your daughter for her honesty."


Sarah's father: "I will do that."


Caller:  "Again thank you and have a good day."


Sarah's father: "You too"


Caller: "Bye"


Sarah's father: "Bye"




The End

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