*Ring Ring*

*Ring Ring*


(footsteps in hall)

(knock on door)

Me (looking up from text book): Come in.

Padre: Montana, telefono para tu.

Me (surprised): yo?

Padre (holding phone out): Si, Es Pele

Me (taking phone and placing to ear): Hola?

(Padre leaves room, closing door behind him)

Pele: hey Tana, it’s Pele.

Me (still surprised): Hey Pele, what’s up?

(sound of rustling leaves and slightly heavier breathing)

Pele: Not much. Are you busy?

Me (puzzled by sounds): Just studying for Monday’s exam. What about you?

(branch snaps, muttered curse, then the rustling and breathing again)

Pele (sounding like he’s exercising): Oh nothing really. Are you decent?

Me (baffled): What?

Pele (in pause of sounds): Are you decent? You know presentable? Clothing... (voice trails off and sounds resume)

Me (hesitantly): I’m in my PJs and a robe. Why?

Pele (soft thud seems to come through the phone and balcony): Oh no reason.

Me (turning to balcony): Pele what are you doing?

Pele (opening balcony door grinning): Kidnapping you.


*Beep Beep*

The End

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