*ring ring*

*ring ring*

Me: (picks up phone) 3452?

Caller:  Hello. I am calling to talk to you about windows...

Me: (Puts phone down) *sighs*

*Ring ring*

*ring ring*

Me: again? (Picks up phone) 3452?

Caller: I really want to talk to you about windows!

Me: Why? I don't want to talk about them. (goes to put phone down)

Caller: But it's really important! Really it is!

Me: Are you sure about that? I think your just another windows salesman on the phone. Is that you?

Caller: No. I don't sell windows. I just want to talk about them.

Me: But why?

Caller: I don't know do I? It's like music or films. Someone likes to talk about them. I like windows.

Me: Ok. Windows it is. What do you want to start with.

Caller: You said 3452 didn't you?

Me: Yes. But that is not about windows.

Caller: Whoops sorry wrong number.

Me: *Sighs* just when i was getting interested

*Beep Beep*

The End

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