*Ring, ring.*

Me: "Hello?"

Caller: "Is this Mrs Moonwalker?"

Me: "Yes, it is."

Caller : "I'm calling you about a get rich scheme where all you have to do is give me your credit card number, and I'll tell you how to get rich."

Me: "I know how to get rich already. Why don't you give me your credit card number?"

Caller: "No, that isn't how it works. You have to give ... "

Me : (interrupts) "You can't really think I'm that stupid?"

Caller: : "Well ... "

Me: "You telemarketers are all the same. You all want money, but you can't give me any really good reason why I should. You either try to sell me something I don't want, or try to sign me up for courses I would never take, or ask me for money for charities that will never see a penny of it. It's all a big scam. That's why I'm taping this call. It's also being traced by the police."

Caller: "What????"

*Beep beep*

The End

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