*Ring Ring*

*Ring Ring*

Me:  Hello?

Male Caller:  Hello is this Ms. Linder speaking?

Me:  Um, in a manner of speaking, I am Elorie Linder

Male Caller (excited):  Elo, oh my god I can’t believe I found you!

Me:  Um, who is this and where do I know you from?

Male Caller:  This is Tater Tot, you know the troll you used to play with in DAoC?

Me (confused):  Yes, but you don’t sound like the Tater Tot I know.

Tater Tot: Yeah, look I know, but Brigom gave me the account and…

Me (cutting him off):  I’m sorry this is just too weird.

Tater Tot:  But…

*Beep Beep*

The End

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