*Ring, ring* *Ring, ring*

 Me: *sigh* Hello?

Caller:  Oh thank God I got through Sir, I was beginning to worry!

Me:  Err...excuse me?

Caller: It's all right, Sir. No need to panic. It's done now, Sir. It's done. Went swimmingly if I must say so, Sir, infact, not to blow one's own trumpet but Reynolds did happen to say it was the best he'd seen in years. He said that Jenkins got promoted to Major for a job not half as...

Me: I'm sorry, I really think you have the wrong number. Who's calling?

Caller: Why, it's me, Sir.

Me: Does 'me' have a name?

Caller: Captain Ruthven, Sir. Seriously, Sir, no need to get in a panic. The job went ahead.

Me:  Look...I really don't...err...what job would that be?

Ruthven: Why, Operation Eagle, Sir.

Me: I, er, I, remind me again, er, Captain, just what does Operation Eagle entail?

Ruthven: I don't think it would be wise, Sir. We don't know for sure whether this is a secur line.

Me: Well it was worth a try...look Mr have the wrong number. I really don't know about any Operation Eagle, and I'm certainly not part of any organisation that...that... does secret missions, so either tell me what's going on, or I'm going to hang up.

Ruthven: Oh Sir, this really is extraordinary. Even after all this you can't remember? Nothing at all?

Me: Remember what?!

Ruthven: It really did work well didn't it? Not a thing you say? Well, how marvellous. I shall definitely be in line for a promotion. I might even get your position, Sir. Ha! Imagine that!

Me: Wha-

Ruthven: Well, I must go, Sir. It was an absolute pleasure working with you, and I wish you best of luck! Good bye!

Me: Wait!

*Beep, Beep*


The End

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