*Ring, Ring* *Ring, Ring*

Me: Yello.

Caller: Stop writing about me.

Me: What? Who's this?

Caller: I mean it.  Stop right now, or I will be paying you a visit.

Me: ...Carly?  Hey girlie, how've you been? A visit from you would be great, actually.

Carly: Don't start that crap with me.  I'm tired of you using MY LIFE as fuel for your stupid, teen-angst stories.  It's *my* life, yeah?  Leave it alone.  I told you last time, I didn't want you writing any more about me.

Me: No one could possibly tell that the stories are about you, Carls.  I've given you an entirely new face, changed where you live...

Carly: You use my name.  My actual first name.

Me:  Oh.  Point taken.  Even so, I really don't think there's any way that...

Carly: Will you shut up!  You're really pissing me off, I don't think you wanna do that!

Me: *smirking a little* What, is your beast going to come out and...

Carly: Shut up! Shut up! I can tell you're gonna keep writing that crappy, un-funny story about me. I can't believe you're ignoring everything I'm saying!

Me: *sound of a notebook opening, a pen beginning to glide across the paper*  Not ignoring a single word, Carls.

Carly: *long pause*  OH MY GOD! You're copying down everything I'm saying, aren't you? Oh my God, you're such a cow!  I can't believe I ever trusted you! 

Me: You should relax; all this stress isn't good for you, it'll cause... things... to happen.  Ooh, I know!  What if I changed your name to Miranda?  *short chuckle, cut off by...*


The End

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