(Note: Words in italics are my thoughts)

*Ring Ring*

Me: Hello?

Caller: Hey there, naughty girl!

Me: Oh bloody hell... Hey Alice. It's you ... again.

Alice: That's right! Now, we need to talk boys...

Me: What?

Alice: Oh come on, the whole school knows! That guy at the disco, the one you were dancing with! He practically threw himself at you!

Me: By "threw himself" you mean you knocked him into me.

Alice: And he was trying to impress you with that cute hopping dance move...

Me: I stepped on his foot.

Alice: What about when you guys were talking in the corner?

Me: He was asking me where the bathroom was.

Alice: *suggestively* What about when you were leaning together...

Me: His glasses were caught in his hair.

Alice. What about when you were hugging each other?

Me: He was having an asthma attack! It was all I could do to hold him up!

Alice: Come off it, I know you two got off! I'll bet you two snuck off afterwards and had a big kissy session.

Me: Why is it always me people have to make up these rumours about? No. Just... no.

Alice: Naughty naughty girl...

Me: Look, can we move away from this topic?

Alice: Oh dear, what would your mother say?

Me: *getting peeved now* Alice...

Alice: Ooh, what if you go further? You'd look so cute in a wedding dress.

Me ... Oh no she didn't .... Oh no she didn't ....

Alice: Hello? Are you there?

Me: That does it.... where did I put that hockey stick?


The End

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