Riley-who I am

Things I love:

-When you get out from your car after first arriving at a farm and having that country smell hit you in the face and makes you feel like a real country girl for a minute (take one look at me and you'll know that's the last thing I am)

-The feeling of hot water hit your back when you first step into the shower after a long day (I think almost everyone could agree with me on that one)

-When it starts raining and I run outside in my bathing suit taking every precaution to make sure I dont miss one puddle!

-Spraying my younger brother with the hose when he turns his back to me (If you have not done that then you must! Your missing out!)

-When your really wet and you change into dry clothes.

-When I feel really happy and break out into a dance in a complete open area with a very clear view for everyone to see (I tend to that a lot when the school bell rings and the ongoing torture has finally come to an end)

-Eating chips dipped in salsa (THE BEST!)

-Writing of course! Why else would I be on Protagonize (I amagine there many other reasons I could be on Protagonize but whatever)

-Lying on hot pavement when it's really windy and cold outside

-Reading! (Possibly better then chips dipped in salsa's just so relieving!

books I love or atleast enjoyed:

-Errant-Diana Peterfruend

-The lying game-Sarah Shepard

-Maximum Ride-James Patterson

-Maximum Ride:Saving The World-James Patterson

-Uglies-Scot Westerfeld

-Pretties-Scot Westerfeld 

-Specials-Scot Westerfeld

-Extras-Scot Westerfeld

-Tithe-Holly Black

-I'd tell you I love you but then i'd have to kill you-Ally Carter

-Cross my heart and hope to spy-Ally Carter

-Dont judge a girl by her cover-Ally Carter

-The Forgotten Garden-Kate Mortan


The End

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