Annette: Trouble

 The shouting crowd soon became a dangerous mob, women dragging cannons behind them and people holding rifles in their arms. Gunshots mixed with the wild yells as Clara and I were pulled this way and that by the current of the mass, trying to catch up to Marie, who's face we had lost in the blur of people.

 People poured into the grand palaces, the smash and shatter of delicate things tossed this way and that filled the air. A bullet whizzed by my head in the confusion, making me stumble backwards in fright. Someone stepped on the skirt of my dress and I tumbled to the floor, coming feet clattering about me. A boot stepped on me, making me cry out. A stream of blood trickled from my head, I guessed from hitting it on the hard ground. As quickly as I could, I stood, Clara gone from my sight.

 "Clara!" I yelled, though it simply mixed with all the other noise. I pushed my way through, only to be pushed back. "Clara!" My only choice was to drift along with the chaos, heading toward a courtyard.

  Marie Antoinette stood upon her balcony, ghostly in her nightdress and her drained white face. All around me people swore at her, mocking her, pointing guns at her. A few gunshots popped her way, bouncing off the walls. She hardly flinched, holding her ground bravely. Fools! I felt anger welling up in me. It was not the way to win a revolution!  

  She called out over the crowd, words that I could not hear from the back. Finally she turned and slowly left the balcony.

  "Vive La Reine!" a cry from the front of the crowd snapped me to attention. 'Long Live the Queen'. I knew that voice. I stood on my toes, attempting to see over all the heads. Silence fell, all looking that same way.

  "Vive La Reine!" another called, not far from me, many lowering their guns.

   I watched as others caught on, shouting the words in a great chant. My eyes scanning the crowd, I began to weave my way through the way through the gathering. With some rough shoving, Marie and Rachelle soon came to my vision, both with loaded rifles in their arms.

The End

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