Annette: Gunshots and Blood

 A gunshot rang through the building , my heart leaping to my head. Shock and fright raced through my veins as I lurched from my seat, my stomach knotted tightly and breath catching in my throat. I notice Emmanuel grasp for his gun as screams were heard in the next room.

  My eyes flicked to Emmanuel as he crept close to the wall, placing his ear against it. We huddled close together, my mouth dry as we waited. A woman's scream was heard, high and full of fear.

  "Where are you meeting?!" a bellow shakes the walls. My limbs tremble; it was the horrid voice of that man...

  After a tense moment, Emmanuel gestures for us to get on the floor, placing a finger to his lips for us to be silent.

  "LIES!" come the shriek of the same man.

   Emmanuel holds his ear closer to the wall for a moment more, his face hardening with anger. "Get up," he finally whispers to us, though our legs and arms are frozen with terror. "Quickly! Get your things. Go!"

  Clara moves first and then we all move into action; my body is still shivering as I toss on my cloak and hand the other girls their own. Emmanuel goes to the door, pausing before opening it, pushing us out lightly.

  "LIER! You wench!" the same shout of that man and we halt. Emmanuel grabs his own things, shoving us out and shutting the door.


  Screaming. A second shot. From the corner of my eye I see the bullet dart from the wall with a smear of blood. Silence.


  We run down the hall and out of the inn, people began to emerge from their rooms looking out with pale frightened faces mixed with curiousity. I stumble down the hall, my thoughts swirling and my vision swimming. Emmanuel grabbed me roughly by the arm and pulls me along, otherwise I fear I would fall to the floor.

  Breathless our band hurried into the streets, Emmanuel guiding us down a maze of back alleys. The woman's screams echoed in my head; that could've been me, that could've been all of us. How did they find the inn?

  A lump forms in my throat; they must have followed me after I had run away from the man. I had tried my best to muttle myself in with the crowd...and it had resulted in the death of a innocent woman. I was quivering uncontrollably as I attempted to calm myself, we all finally stopping for a breath.

The End

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