"And then... he-he..." she inhales deeply, "He stole the money from Guillaume..." Annette reveals to Marie in the room. I wait outside the door, not wanting to intrude on the girls.

Once sure about Annette being finished, I opwn the door quietly to hear them ask after Clara and myself. "Je suis ici."

Their heads whip round to face me, "Thank God!" Marie exclaims, catching me by surprise as I look at her I notice her seem embarressed with herself at the remark and turn pink.

I turn quickly to Annette, apologising for my absence. I inform them about seeing Victor, as I did to Clara. Marie, now fully composed, also interjects with her own knowelge on Rachelle.

Clara bundles into the room, her arms full of food from the market, her face beaming in pride at her findings. Marie tells Clara all she knows about Rachelle and about what happened to Annette. I expain in more depth about Victor, his appearance of being short, shoulder length black hair, dark olive skin and very broad.

Not ten minutes later a gunshot rings through the building. The girls, who'd be reclining peacefully on the bed, sit up sharply their backs ridgid and their eyes wide with a mixture of worry, shock and a small amount of excietment playing in each of them.

I push myself from the wall, my gun held tightly in my left hand, my right on the sword handle. Screams echo in through next door.

Tensely, I approch the wall, pressing my ear to it. I'm dimly aware of the girls huddling together on the bed trying to keep themselves calm. In the next room a womans scream is close.

"Where are you meeting?!" A man bellows.

"Je ne sais pas!" The woman cries, I flinch at the sound of metal crashing in to bone. My teeth clench together, my hands tighten on each weapon. I motion for the girls to get on the floor, placing a finger on my lips showing them to be silent.

"LIES!" Screeches the man. I hear him push the woman against the wall, holding her there by her throat, I guess, as the sounds of gasping for air seeps through. "Where are the women meeting for the resistance?" the man whispers mercilessly making even myself shiver.

"I don't know," she trembles honestly. I back away from the wall, anger shaking me. I know they have the wrong room, and they can't find us.No matter what.

"Get up," I whisper to the girls. They don't move. "Quickly! Get your things. Go!"

Clara pulls herself together first, her eyes terrified as she pulls the women up. Marie grabs a bag of clothes and a fear-filled Annette slowly pulls her cloak around her, reaching for Clara and Maries too.

I move to the door, pressing against it for noise. Hearing none, I open the door, it creaks quietly, I check for people and when sure that no-one is there, I push the girls out lightly.

"LIER! You wench!" Shouts the man. The girls freeze. I shove them out, grabbing for my own things and shut the door.

Another scream and gunshot. I close the door just in time to see blood fly with the bullet through the thin wall. My breath catches in my throat. The girls don't see. I think.

We run.

The End

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