After Gerard and Adele departed for England, I find myself becoming increasing bored, which is never good even with the best intentions. So, to pass the time, I look out of my window and find my eyes wanting to see danger. I don't care what kind of danger it is, even if it is just a drunk fool wanting to steal the 'pretty horses'.

I try anything to keep my mind off them, the way Giles whaled when I had to go, to 'serve my country', which in retrospect sounds like an alright thing to do. It's a shame that all it was doing was serving the aristocrats at the top, like the greedy king. Elisabeth tried to coo Giles to sleep, but he was as stubborn as the both of us were together.

She was a good mother; my own mother loved her, too. Everyone she came across did. With her long and wild sandy hair always held down, except for special occasions, where she'd been known to have it all balancing peculiarly on top of her angular face. She and Giles had the same ocean coloured eyes, even at two Giles had her stubborn pout and my authoritive stagger. Giles had my hair colour playing in her wild waves.

I close my eyes, embracing the memories of his first feet and the tightness of his grip on my little finger.

It's dark outside by the time we arrived at our resting place. Tomorrow we shall be journeying further into the city. I pay for the room with the money Guillaume had provided.

I find myself too tired to care about conventions including, that three young women shouldn't be in a room with a man - especially a solder - but, like I said, I'm too tired. So, I end up dragging a duvet from a cupboard and sleep almost instantly on the floor by the door, still fully dressed only with my weapons by my side.


In the morning I wake up with a slightly stiff neck, cursing the wind, I pull my upper body around popping my joints until they're all good again. Standing up, I see all of the girls, minus Marie, asleep and in the clothes they wore yesterday.

Yawning, I slouch over to the large windows, pulling the heavy curtains away.

"What are you doing?" Marie asks, sitting at the top of the bed, with Clara and Annett on either side, snoring quietly.

"Opening the curtains, it's time for us to move." I move back to the area where I slept and pull the weapons back onto me, the gun over my shoulder and sword by my hip. I turn back to Marie, "Wake the girls up, I'll go and get some breakfast."

"Bu-" I cut her off by walking quickly out of the room. Straightening to my full height, I walk straight to the dining room, asking for a table of four, explaining that my 'sisters' were hungry.

I then rush up the stairs and pause before the room and knock quickly. "Come in." someone says. I open the door, my eyes bulge and I blush horribly as I see a man tied to a bed with a woman in a strange ensemble that even with nine-and-twenty years of life experience, I haven't seen anything quite like this.

"Um. S-Sorry," I stammer, "Wrong room." I hop out, red with embarrassment and guess that our room is the next along. I knock, this time announcing who it is and wait for a response, when I get it, I enter.

"Okay, you lot ready? Good. We're to have breakfast quickly and then leave. Okay?" I announce quickly.

"Yes," Annett says, Clara and Marie nodding behind.

"Good. Let's go."

The End

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