How it started

'Drat,' Asher muttered.

'It's okay, it'll be over in a moment,' the doctor murmured.

Asher looked up at the ceiling as the doctor put a cast around her leg. Darn her love for swimming in dangerous waters. Darn the tide. Darn the cliffs.

'There, all done,' the doctor told her.

Asher looked at the cast. It was green, her favourite colour, but this might just have been the most repulsive tone of green she'd ever seen.

'Right. Now, listen to me. No swimming, no running, keep the cast dry. Absolutely no climbing stairs, alright?' Standard instructions, which Asher had heard each and every one of the 4 times she'd broken any of her legs.

'You're an adventurous type, I understand, but please consider your health,' The doctor patted her healthy knee and helped her get into the wheelchair. Then she wheeled her into the waiting room, where her friends were waiting.

'Asher, you... you dumb person,' her best guy friend Kay hugged her.

'Seriously, Ash,' Patricia laughed.

Tal, her crush since forever, was there too, looking quite dashing. He smiled and said:

'Welcome back!'

When Asher and her friends got home nobody was there, so they ordered a pizza, and as they ate it, they discussed everything that Asher had missed while she was in hospital.

'Damien and Alice are together, like, a couple. Isn't it disgusting?'

'The emo kids at school have declared war on prejudice and are spraying everyone who comes in the school with black paint!'

'You know Mila? Yeah, the popular chick. She's disappeared,' Tal said.

Asher looked at him.

'Disappeared? How? When?'

Tal laughed at her surprised face.

'Silly, that's the thing about disappearing, nobody knows how or when. The last people who saw her were her parents, 2 days ago.  She said she was going to the seaside and she never came back,' he told her.

'That's strange, she never goes anywhere alone,' Asher said.

'Why do you think she went alone?' Kay asked, taking another slice of pizza.

'Kay, think. If she went with friends, they would either have gone missing too, or they'd have seen that something had happened to her,' Patricia explained.

'Well, strange, anyway,' Asher murmured.

For what would make an it-girl abandon all of her policies and go to the sea alone at night?

The End

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