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The End

Guys, be careful." Asher called up, as her four best-friends ascended on the stairs. She was stuck on the bottom, as usual, being left out. Damn her stupid leg. The wood creaked as they slowly, cautiously climbed the stairs. What was waiting for them at the top? The lighthouse, as nice as it looked on the outside, it was horrid on the inside. "Asher stay there. We're at the top, if we aren't back down in two minutes call the cops." Asher heard Patricia's voice echo down to her. She heard a creak, a scream and then something came falling from the ceiling.

Asher heard wood splinter, and saw something, someone, come falling through the air. She screamed and at the same time, the other four girls screamed "Asher." She hobbled back against the wall, and ducked down. It hit the stair railing and broke right through. There was a scream, and then something else came down. Two somethings actually. They were screaming, and Asher looked up. It was two people entangled in each other. One of them was her friend, the other...someone she'd never seen before. It was a man, with blazing red hair, then Asher realized that she'd seen him before. Then, boom, something hit Asher in the back of the head and she flew forward.


The End

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