Sara: Things to Hear

It's amazing, how often I found myself either in my bedroom or in the sofa room. This time, something interesting was happening in the sofa room, so naturally, I wasn't there. 

"Harmony, I promise to love you every second of eternity" I heard Xavior say. I quickly put my my most recent book down and slid off my bed so I could listen next to the door. "Would you do me the honour of becoming my bride?"


"You have made me the happiest man alive" Xavior mumbled, and I knew Harmony had agreed. I then heard Harmony giggle, and I wondered why. 

"Kyoshiro!" that was Raven's voice. I heard the mansion door click shut.

Well, someone getting married was definitely more exciting than re-reading a book. I went downstairs to congratulate them.

The End

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