Xavior: No more distractions

I lay on Harmony's bed, thinking everything through, what we'd been through, our arguments, our best memories and most of all, our feelings. I knew how I felt, I love Harmony, more than anything, she was the only thing that made sense in my life, my world revolved around her. So my feelings shuld be easy to convey right? Sadly no, I've tried to do the one thing that made sense to me many times since I arrived at the mansion but so many things kept popping up, distracting and swaying me...

I have to do it. Now. No more distractions. The disaster can wait, I am going to do this.

I sat bolt upright and took a deep breath. No more distractions. I walked towards the door and made my way down the stairs "Xavior, have you seen Kyoshiro?" Raven asked. I shook my head "I'll let him know you were looking for him though"


And I continued down the stairs, following Harmony's scent to the living room where Jay, Asha, Kyoshiro, Imira and Harmony were sat down, smiling and talking. I made my way over to them, nodding at Imira, she knew what I am about to do.


Harmony looked up at me and smiled. I took her hand and helped her stand up, drawing her close to me.

"Harmony, since the day I first saw you, I knew my world had changed, my every action and every breath was altered. I changed in every meaning of the word and I knew  would do anything and be anything for you." I looked deeper into her eyes "Harmony, since that day I made a promise to myself, that I would protect you from any obstacle and fromm every threat, I know I have let you down more than once but I ask you to forgive me for it and all of my foolishness" Harmony nodded, tears forming in her eyes as I bent down on one knee "Harmony, I promise to love you every second of eternity. Would you do me the honor of becoming my bride?"

Harmony's ears trickled down her cheeks and she nodded, throwing her arms around me. I pulled her closer "You have made me the happiest man alive" then, I reached down into my pocket and removed the white gold and blue saphire ring from the box and placed it delicately on her finger. I stand up, her still in my arms  and I smile sheepishly, I was so busy with not getting distracted, I forgot everyone else was there. Asha smiles at Harmony and winks, Har giggles back, obviousy some joke I've missed, or a telepathic thought.

Imira smiles at us both, she already knew this was going to happen. Kyoshiro is standing with a soft smile on his face and nods in my direction. This is it, I've done it. Harmony and I will be together.

The End

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