When Kyo had walked through the door the confusion in my voice had been clearly audible...how the hell had he come back? After the Hunters had attacked the Mansion almost a year ago he had disappeared without a trace, not without being all cocky and the like first though. And now suddenly here he is as if nothing had happened and still carrying that bloody sword of his. Once the initial confusion was over it quickly made way to anger and all I wanted to do was punch his vampiric face in till there was nothing but a pulp left but Sara decided to speak up instead and without a word from me grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me out of the mansion and down to the town supermarket. Now I'm used to humans don't get me wrong but in clubs and bars you're a face and thats it unless you go with friends but in the supermarket people judge you. Not verbally, but inside their minds they judge you on what products you buy.

Sara was adamant that I needed to "face my fear" and buy something so I went in bought some chocolate and got out. When we ran back I stopped in front of the mansion...something didnt feel quite right, in fact I put my hand into my coat pocket ready to draw my gun should something happen but the only thing that did was Sara crashing into my back. Whatever had been there left and I relaxed removing my hand from the gun and helping Sara up. When we got inside I did something I never thought I'd do.....I went looking for Kyoshiro.

The End

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