Sara: Supermarket

"Oh, come on Raven. Act natural" I grinned "It's not hard. Nobody's even looking at us"

"Yeah they are"

"Where? And besides, so what if they are? We look like your average people who go to supermarkets to buy stuff" I said

"No, we look like vampires pretending to be your average people who go to supermarkets to buy stuff" he muttered. I sighed and shook my head.

"Here's a tenna. Go buy everyone some chocolate... they might not like it, but if they don't I'll eat it"

"OK" Raven took the money and walked off. I didn't know why he was acting like this. I mean, I'd already counted six other vampires in here. Seriously. I found the isle where all the sewing-and-making stuff was and found eleven different colours of ribbon and three different types of sewing kit. Uhhhhh. Why couldn't Harmony be here? I searched the whole isle and right at the end I found this really fancy sewing-kit-like thing in which there was a loada stuff I recognised vaguely. And it had a sticker on it saying 'comes with assorted ribbons'. Wow. 

I walked up to the counter with my basket of groceries and sewing stuff.

"You look a little young to be doing that lot of shopping in Tesco"  the cashier smiled. Yeah, I looked a little young. I smiled back and though of what Raven would've done if he'd been here when she said that. 

"Yeah, well every little helps" I said. The woman laughed and handed me the bill. I only just had enough. I wished I had a credit card. "So" I said to Raven as I got to him where he was waiting outside "How many people noticed you?"

"Seventeen, actually"

"Oh really? And did they scream 'oh my gosh! He's a vampire! Run for your life!'?"

"No, they said 'hi' and smiled at me" he smiled. I rolled my eyes.

"Come on. I'll race you back" I grinned.

"I'll win"

"Oh yeah?"


"OK then. Onetwothreego!" I ran ahead of him.

"Hey! That's cheating!" he yelled, but he still won. I smacked into him where he'd stopped in front of the mansion. I fell to the floor so he helped me up. Then I burst out laughing. I'd never thought I'd have a fun trip to the supermarket.

The End

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