Harmony: fast

Harmony, we need you to keep this link open so Kyoshiro can transport us to you

I understand I concentrated on the things Asha was seeing, how amazing the subconcious world of the demons was, even if it was terrifying.

Then, Imira, Asha, Jay and Kyo appeared in front of me "Okay, that was cool" I laughed and Kyo smiled in response "How is everyone?" I looked them all over, Kyo has his sword drawn but he quickly put it away

"No more than a few scratches" Jay smiled

"Nothing to worry about" Asha.

I flitted worriedly over to Asha "Asha, are you okay? Those demons inside our heads...." I shook my head

"I'm okay" Asha put her hand on my shoulder and smiled

I sighed in relief and smiled back.

"Why are we so near the basement?" Imira asked me "You hate the dark"

I looked at the ground nervously "I needed to think alone" it wasn't a lie, but I still wasn't telling the truth.

Tell you later I promised Asha and then I turned to Imira "Imira, could we talk later?"

Imira repressed a sigh and nodded, she knew what I was going to say

I smiled and, then, I fell to the floor. "What on earth?" I whispered and looked up, smiling, it was the noise "Sorry, my instincts overreacted. A little birdy's back"

"Huh?" I smiled at the confused Kyo and  made my way up to  the living room "You'll see"

"Raven?Sara?" Kyo smiled "Look what the cat dragged in"

"Kyoshiro?" Raven sounded completely confused

Kyo nodded

"It's good to see you again" Sara smiled

"What are you two up to?"

"We were just about to go shopping" Sara beamed "Wanna come?"

Imira, Jay, Kyo and I looked at each other, all hiding smiles "No thanks Sara, go on ahead and be careful" we wre all on the same wavelength: let them have their date

I stiffled a giggle as Raven shuffled his feet nervously. "We will" Sara smiled and grabbed Raven "You want us to pick up anything?"

"Could you pick me up some ribbons and a sewing kit" I asked, yes, let them have their dae but I had something to make for our mission.

"Sure" Sara beamed "Anything else?"

"Nah, we're good" Jay said and I stepped foward with some money for Sara, I had um 'found it' on my way to vampire mansion when I ran into a hunter, evil guys do come in handy some times.

"Have fun you two"

"We will" and with that, they left

I giggled "Thats so sweet! Raven has a bff!" wow, things move quickly

The End

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