Kyoshiro: Remember this?

As Asha and Jay are trying to kill Lee, Imira comes. I was confused.

"Imira, how did you get here?"

She looked at me confused.

"I got lost, and I wound up here."

My mind shatters in the shear improbability of these words.

"Hmm, Lee." Lee looks at me, curious. "Remember that small little token I got off of Aleister Crowley?" Memory seems to come back to Lee as his smirk goes away. "Yes, you remember the Soulsphere."

At these words I take it out of the pockets in my robe. Then Jay asks.

"How much room do you have in those pockets?"

"I got a demon weaver to weave this for me. The pockets have no end."

He eyes me strangely. And Lee eyes the Soulsphere. I begin to walk closer to Lee, holding the Soulsphere infront of me. The closer I walk, the farther back he walks.

"Soulsphere, take him."

I drop the Soulsphere and take a few steps back. Then the spirit that traded places with me in the Soulsphere comes out. And it goes to Lee. Then, it breaths the life out of Lee, and the shell that is his body falls to the ground.

As the spirit goes back into the Soulsphere, I pick it up and put it into my pocket.

"We should go home now."

Then Jay complains.

"That was way too easy."

I agree.

"It was, you're right. Defeating the hordes of Hell should be much worse than this."

The End

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