Sara: Raven

I'd never been good at talking to people, so when a man came into the sofa room I wasn't the best person he could've ran into.

"Hey" I said "I'm Sara"

"Hi. I'm Raven" he said. That was how the conversation started. The subject that we ended up on changed when the usual Vampire Mansion get-attacked-by-someone/thing-or-other type day started. I almost smiled as Imira ran out of the front doors. I wondered who else was already out there.

"I'm hungry" I said, stretching.

"So am I" Raven followed me into the kitchen and offered my one of the wine bottles of blood from the cupboard. I shook my head.

"I don't drink blood" I smiled. "I prefer cereal" I searched out a box of Shreddies and found one (one) carton of milk in the fridge.

"Why?" Raven asked as I ate.

"Why what?"

"Don't you drink blood"

"Oh, I don't like it. It's unfair" I told him. I didn't tell him the real reason. I never told anyone the real reason. "Plus it can just create more vampires, who then create more vampires, who then create more vampires, etcetera.  One day humans will go extinct and the world will be populated with vampires"

"You really think that"

"No, but when I started year one it was my 'theory'. I thought it made me sound clever" I smiled at the memory. Raven gave me one of those looks that said I know it's still your theory now. And then I got stuck for what to say next. I cursed my lack of conversation skills.

The End

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