Asha: Revenant.

The crash of the door  was nothing compared to the shock that followed.

"Guess you can't even kill me properly, Asha  love." Lee grinned.

I felt Jay freeze up next to me. For a second my mind roared rejection of the sight in front of me, a cold fury errupted.

"You were behind the attacks." I stated flatly, backing away from Jay slightly. "Somehow you surivived and you are after me again."

"Oh no, I did die." Lee replied, equally cold. "Though the Council thought it would be prudent to have a leash for their favorite pet. And of course, being your sire, I know all about your.. talents."

" 'Sire'? " This came from Jay though it was aimed at me. I avoided his eyes, angry at Lee, who carried on smiling. 

Kyoshiro had remained strangely silent, though now he spoke. "What exactly are you now ?"

"Revenant I believe the technical term is. An undead returned from the grave." Another cold grin.

"The grave is where you belong." I said, right in Lee's ear. Whilst he had been focused on Kyoshiro, I had run silently over. I plunged both swords into Lee's back, feeling the jolt as they broke through his chest.

The End

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