Asha: Barriers

When my barrier around Harmony cracked, I felt it deep in the recesses of my mind. Something there broke aswell. It was then I couldn't hold back the screams anymore.  I felt Harmony reach out to me as the pain hit her.

Asha, you need to get Kyo, he'll know what to do.

I replied briefly and we both started fighting it. I felt Harmony's thoughts turn to happier times. I foucused on keeping the failing barriers up as much as possible.

Whoever you are, I want to let you know something. You never mess with me when I'm pissed off. Ever.

Asha work with me, just concntrate on anything but the pain.

I'l try.

Though in my head, where no one could reach, I made myself a promise. That no matter what happened I would not let these barriers fall. And I would find the people responsible. Harmony managed to drive them away from her mind and they retreated from her, re-focusing on me. If they broke my personal barriers, then the others would be easy to fell.

Finally, after what felt like an incredibly long time, I heard a familiar, calm voice.

"Do you trust me?"

"Yes!" I screamed as there was another attack.

"Then this won't hurt. Let down your barrier."

Automatic fear closed my throat, but I fought it back. When the attack paused a moment, I let down the barrier.

Instantly, Kyoshiro thrust his sword into me. In suprise, I grabbed it, though there was no pain. We are transported to where the demons are. Jay had somehow come with us.The demons pause a moment, which is long enough for Kyoshiro and Jay to begin attacking. The attacks had stopped for a moment. Though my head was spinning, I got to my feet, ready to fight. Then a lone demon caught my eye. He was watching the battle with a calculating look, then he turned his gaze on me. Suddenly, the crippling pain was back, driving me to me knees.


I saw one of the demons catch Jay with a scratch on the cheek. Though it was extreamly minor, the sight of Jay's blood got me up from the ground. The demon grinned, cocking his head as though impressed. He drove another mental spike, causing me to flinch, and simultaneously, began a furious attack on me. Automatically, I brought up the twin swords and began to fight back. I held on to images of everyone I cared about as the mental attacks kept coming. Although normally demons would not be a problem, with the mental fight as well, we had become an almost even match. Then Jay brushed my mind through our link. He didn't say anything but knowing he was there was enough. I remembered my promise to him and to the others, that I would protect them. I finally found the strength to drive back the the demon with my own attack. The demon faltered, and that was enough of an opening to allow me to deal a fatal blow. I crossed my arms, bringing my swords down through each side of his neck. Finally, the room was quiet. I looked up to see Jay and Kyoshiro.

After a moment, a relieved smile broke out on eachof our faces. Jay ran over to me, holding me close.

"Thank you" I murmured, loud enough that Kyoshiro would hear as well.

"Lets go home."

The End

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