Kyoshiro: Acursed Demons.

I was thinking about what had happened today when Jay knocked on my door. I opened it he looked panicked.

"Kyoshiro, demons are attacking Asha and Harmony, their breaking through the barrier. Help!"

My eyes widen as I suddenly fear for Asha and Harmony.

"Take me to Asha."

He leads me to Asha and I unsheath my sword. I look at Asha and she is screaming.

"Do you trust me?"

"Yes!" She screams.

"Then this won't hurt. Let down your barrier."

Jay looked at me with fear in his eyes, and a look that said 'you better not screw up.'

Then, when I feel a lack of barrier, I thrust my sword into Asha. Thankfully, a skill I learnt long ago takes over. I am instantly transported to where the demons are. But then I see Jay there. He grabbed hold of me as I stabbed Asha.

The demons look at us with surprise, then Jay and I let loose our fury.

The End

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