Harmony: Pain shared is not pain halved

No sooner had I found the library had the pain started, the council were attacking with avengance. I bit down own a book to muffe my screams of pain, they were burning, slicing and banging and I could feel Asha's barrier around us break, they were attacking her too.

Asha, you need to get Kyo, he'll know what to do.

I will

Another jab, another burn.

Whoever you are, I want to let you know something. You never mess with me when I'm pissed off. Ever.

Asha work with me, just concntrate on anything but the pain.

I'l try.

I pushed at the pain, thinking of opposite things, my happy memories, friends, love.

The pain eased and I felt it retract, going back to them Ha!

My head span wildly and I knew I was going to feint If Xavior asks, I want to be left alone.I thought and, once more, everything went black.

The End

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