Asha: Recovery?

Waking up, my head pounded as though someone had placed a drum in my mind. I winced. The attack on Harmony's mind had left its mark it seemed. I grumbled under my breath.

"Morning." Jay said, sounding a little amused.

 "Already? How long have we been in here?" I replied, trying not to sound grumpy.

"Long enough I reckon, we should probably go down and see whats going on."

We went down to the kitchen, grabbing a bottle each. The Mansion seemed to be waking up a little though it was still early morning. Jay and I sat at the table, I was semi-slumped in my chair. Jay sat next to me, putting his arm over my shoulders.

"Asha are you okay?" he said quietly.

I could feel myself getting paler. The pounding in my head became more intense.

"Asha.. whats happening?" Jay started to sound worried. He caught my chin, forcing me to look at him.

"My head..Jay they're attacking me.." I whispered painfully. "They traced the barrier I've got-round Harmony.. I don't know how.." I flinched as pain spiked again. It was as though someone had a chisel and hammer against my mind. And they were hammering. Hard.

"Asha!" Jay cried out as I slid sideways off my chair. I curled into a ball on the cold floor, breathing fast and cradelling my head in my arms. I couldn't keep the barrier around Harmony, myself and the one blocking Jay from the pain up for much longer under this kind of attack. It had a cold, precise feel, like a surgeon's blade. But it had all the brutality of a club aswell. I bit back any noise, not wanting to make Jay suffer at all if it was possible. I could feel the barrier around our link weakening and heard Jay breathe in sharply as he felt some of the attack.

"Get... Kyoshiro." I said, through gritted teeth. I hoped he would know. Out of everyone, he had the broadest knowledge surely. I could sense Jay nearby, hesitating.

"Jay!" I almost screamed, the pain getting worse. "Please." I whispered, my breath coming in spurts as I tried to fight whatever was causing this attack. I was shaking, trying to supress everything as much as possible, so that it was easier on everyone else. Finally, I heard Jay run out. I couldn't hear if he said anything or not. All I could hear was a kind of roaring, rushing sound in my ears. I hoped Jay would come back soon as I could feel my barriers begin to crack.

The End

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