Xavior: I know.

Harmony had been away for a few hours and it was unusual for her to be away for so long, she never did speak as long as this, I'd better check she's alright, she might have fallen asleep on the sofa or something. I headed towards Kyoshiro's room and knocked the door.

"Who is it?"


"Come in"

I stepped past the threshold and closed the door behind me "Do you know where Harmony is?"

His face darkened "She needed some time to think"

"Harmony said she wanted to talk to you, what about?"

"Her past"

"And what did you tell her?"

"Not everything, I told her how she was found, with little detail and her mother....I told her that Lucifer was beyond obsessed with her and the memory I implanted in your heads"

"I already know"

"You do?"

"Yes, the day you came, I remembered, thats probably why I hated you so much" I sighed

"You never said anything"

"It didn't matter,  you obviously changed and it's your story to tell. Now, do you know where Harmony is? She'll be in pain"

A loud bang sounded downstairs "That must be Harmony, crap" I ran toward the sound and found myself in an empty cellar with a hole in the wall that resembled Harmony's fist.

Asha, do you know where Harmony is?

She's safe Xavior, she's been talking to me, mentaly. She wants to be alone.

But where? Please Asha....

She's in the library upstairs

So Harmony, losing herself in books to feel better, as per usual, her comfort zone. I didn't know there was a library

Neither did I but she's there

Thanks Asha

I walked out of the cellar and realised that the mansion was totaly black, except for a small ligh and the sound system. I heard Sara, talking to a guy....Raven, he was back again.  I smiled and went upstairs to Harmony's room, to wait. I needed to comfort her when she got back, even now, she was in pain and she was angry, a combination that was all wrong for Harmony.

But how do I comfort....an idea hit me and I began my search, knowing there would be one somewhere.

Under Harmony's bed I found it, a guitar. My fingers stroked the strings, pucking them like fragile feathers, it sounded like a lullabye, the one Harmony hummed on our frst night, the one her mother taught her. "Mi cantante poco" my little singer, that was the song.

My fingers didn't stop and after a few minutes, a feeling of calm spread through the mansion, leaving everything warm and soft, like a lullabye. "Buenos Noches mi cantante poco" I whispered.

The End

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