Zipping through the trees I felt free. It was something else when you could do it with skill and precision so acute that stepping from branch to branch like a breath of wind was as perfectly natural as walking on the leaf strewn ground some 15 feet below me. Stopping I looked skyward and sighed contentedly as I basked in the glowing silver light of a massive full moon. Humans rarely bothered to find sights like this and bask in their glory, me on the other hand, someone who had seen them numerous times already and many more to come still found it amazing. 

Figuring I'd been away from the Mansion long enough I turned round and danced among the branches right back to the garden wall. There seemed to be very little going on in terms of action these days or maybe I'd just missed it all due to my wanderings. Jumping down into the strangely leaf free garden, even though most trees hung over the wall, I opened the front door and picked up my room key from the front desk. Before I headed for some shut eye I figured I should get something to drink, my excursions always seemed to have that effect on me. As I made my way to the kitchen with its unlimited blood bottles I passed a room that I'd not really noticed before. It was large and filled with four very large sofa's as well as a stereo system which seemed to be on. The lights were on so presumably someone was around there, i grabbed a bottle from the kitchen and headed back to the room where the sofa's were and leaned against the doorway as a slender looking female danced slowly around the room to the barely audible music.

The End

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