Sara: Dark

I sat up and yawned. Sleeping wasn't necessary for me, but I got tired anyway. And besides, I liked it. I must have been asleep for a while, because my whole room was in pitch black darkness. I blinked as my eyes adjusted so I could make out the shapes of objects in the room. When I opened the door, I expected the landing light to be on, but it wasn't. The whole corridor was dark as well. I carefully found my way to the stairs and walked down, trying not to make any sounds. The only light downstairs was a dim yellow one coming from what I think was the sofa room. I doubted there was anyone in there, so I didn't go to check. I guessed everyone was in their rooms, and they probably had lights on. It was weird that it was so dark. And quiet. Far too quiet.

And then it dawned. It was night time. I'd never been awake in the mansion at night.  I checked on Jemma, Jack and Ethan, who were all in the same room, to find they were sleeping. I guessed Amanda was in her own room. It was darker outside, there was no moon. It wasn't cold though, but it wasn't warm either. I looked up and smiled as I found the big dipper in the stars. That was the only one I could ever find. 

It eventually did get cold, so I went to the sofa room and put on some music at the lowest audible volume and hoped no-one would come in.

The End

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