Harmony: Recolection

"Sit down." I did, "Harmony, I am 3660 years old. I was born Dec. 31 1650 B.C. There is not a thing that you can think of that I have not seen. I have slayed demons, I have swam with mermaids, I have met greek heroes and I have been to Heaven and back. There are things I know, that I shouldn't. I have a multitude of powers and skills, I've had a thousand lifetimes to perfect them too.

"Harmony, I was once a council member. And I was harsh. Lux and I became friends really good friends. Because at that time, I was bitter agianst humanity. We would go and rape and pillage villages together. We would take who we wanted, for however long we wanted, to do whatever we wanted. For me, it was to fulfill my carnal desires of sex. For him, it was for expiramental purposes.

"We found you in a small village in the south. I don't know if you remember it, but it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. We came and we stole you for Lux, and your mother for me. I killed your mother after a month, as I always do, but he kept you longer than usual. You became his favourite expirament.

"Xavior, a young vampire, fell in love with you fast, and wanted to take you away from there. He told me about this, but I denied him my help. One day he came in and began barking orders at Lux to stop these expiraments. Then, Lux got real angry, real fast. He began fighting Xavior, but he had the upper hand. From, what I remember, he stuck a needle into Xavior's neck and put in a corrosive acid into his blood. I came in, and told him that was enough. I fought Lux and he went through the wall. I went to Xavior and took all the acid out. I then took you and him to a safe area outside of the town. And as you and Xavior awoke, I use another one of my powers to implement a memory of what had happened without me.

"Then I ran away from my duty, and I wandered the world."

By the time he was done I  was close to tears. Hearing about how he used to be put alot into perspective.

"But, in short. You have the gift of Hemalisavet. A powerful ability that I have only seen once before."

"So, is that why their after me?"

"Yes, the gift is like a weapon, anyone can use it. Not just you. And so, by using it one could take over the world. I have to say, I'm very tempted to use you, but I keep myself from doing it."

I didn't know what to say, what could I say? "You've been very honest with me" I took a deep breath "Thank you Kyo, I....this information helps, but can I ask one more thing?"

"Go ahead"

"Why was Lucifer so obsessed, I mean, I was human, so I couldn't have had powers then, could I?"

"Thats why he took you, your scent was so...different from others, as it is now. It gives only one aura, power"

My hands shook "My mother, she...do you know what she was like?"

"She protected you to the end" I could hear the guilt in his voice "I'm sorry Harmony"

"It's your nature, or, was anyway" I couldn't stop the image in my head then, a woman, beautiful brown hair like silk, eyes that shone with the light of the stars ad a smile brighter than the brightest of lights, my mother. "I should probably go get a shower or something, before it gets too late..."

Kyo nodded, he knew where I was going and he knew he couldn't stop me. I had to go think, somewhere quiet and dark, the cellar.

I ran from the room, not letting anyone catch my thoughts or trail, heading strait for the cellar behind the kitchen. My mother, I'm sorry, so sorry, it's all my fault....

She stroked my identcal head of hair "Your so adorable Harmony, my little angel"
"What is it sweetie?"
"Why did you call me Harmony?"
Mum smiled and kissed my cheek "Because when you were born, the angels sang for you and you did not cry out in screams, only bell tones of a singer and it was a harmony so sweet,  I decided to name you so"
"I love you Mama"
"I love you too mi cantante poco" my little singer. I giggled as she kissed my hair and hugged me, making me smell of cinamon, of my mother.
We looked out across the wide open feilds, lavendar, blossoms, roses, cedars, oaks...so many plants, so much beauty. A thud came from behind us and I smiled, daddy had come to join us. My mother and I turned "Don't think you can sneak up on us Jared we-" I froze stiff with fear as a pair of glowing red eyes bored themselves into my soul.
"Mummy" I whispered"Who are they? Mummy? Mama?MAMA!"

I began to sob, my mother had died, not given me up, I was loved, I was wanted and I was happy. After all the council put me through I truly beieved I would never belong, but I did and I still do, I had a home, a small cottage, a warm family and love.  Why did they have to ruin it all? I punched the wall, making an audible bang and a hole in the shape of my fist. I would not let Xavior know about this, he might hurt Kyo and I couldn't bear that, I couldn't bear any more killing.

It was going to end, soon. And I new when, December 21st, the winter solcstice and the date of my birth. I will see the council fall.

The End

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